Advisory Board

The OceanCanada Advisory Board provides independent intellectual advice and support to OCP. The Board works at arm’s length from the project and monitors its overall progress in relation to established milestones and timelines. It also provides guidance on ways to strengthen and sustain the partnership – by helping to attract new funding, recruit new partners and stakeholders, improve knowledge mobilization and extend and internationalize research. The Board consists of senior scholars as well as community and national leaders with expertise across OCP’s areas of intellectual inquiry.

Advisory Board Members:

Dr. Rosemary Ommer, University of Victoria (Advisory Board Chair) (view video)

Dr. Fikret Berkes, University of Manitoba

Mr. Herb Dhaliwal, former Minister of Fisheries and Oceans     

Mr. Christopher Harvey, MacKenzie Fujisawa LLP

Mr. Russ Jones, Haida Nation   

Dr. Gordon Munro, University of British Columbia