Arctic Region

The Arctic Working Group, based at Carleton and McMaster universities, is working to connect current knowledge of key issues of concern to Arctic Ocean coastal communities to broad questions of science and policy integration. The group holds as a key goal the empowerment of community voices in the Arctic region and is currently establishing collaborative activities that can support this work.

Activities 2015/2016

Research topics at Carleton during 2015/2016 were increasing partnerships for atlas expansion and development of a secondary data strategy for a metadata-base design. The Working Group is also involved in developing best practices for organizing ethics for research practices. The objectives are to have one or more studies exploring partnership building in the context of building an Arctic Ocean Atlas by expanding the existing SIKU Atlas and other projects of the Geomatics and Cartographic Research Centre (GCRC), and to develop a metadata-base design to be prepared as a model for OCP as a whole. At McMaster, with the engagement of a doctoral student in health policy, the Working Group has advanced discussion of community-level case studies, and participated in cross-working group activities. Outputs include presentations, journal articles, and development of guidelines for conducting ethical research as well as a metadata-base design framework. The Working Group is facilitating access to resources used in current and previous community engaged work for the benefit of the OceanCanada partnership.