Evan Andrews

Using diverse stakeholder perspectives to predict and manage thresholds in Atlantic Canada marine systems. Coastal Zone Canada; Toronto, ON.

Derek Armitage

Coasts and communities: collaboration, knowledge and rights. Parks Canada – Gwaii Haanas Speaker Series; Skidegate, BC.

The governance and institutional dimensions of adaptive capacity in coastal communities. Adaptive Capacity Working Group, OceanCanada Conference; Vancouver, BC.

Human dimensions of environmental change and governance in coastal social-ecological systems. Ocean Modeling Forum, Herring Working Group; Seattle, Washington.

Derek Armitage and J. Pittman

Governance for marine conservation across the land-sea interface. Symposium organized at the International Marine Conservation Congress, St. Johns, NL.

Governance across the land-sea interface: insights from a systematic review. International Marine Conservation Congress; St. Johns, NL.

A systematic review of governance at the land-sea interface and some implications for Canada’s ocean research and policy. Coastal Zone Canada Conference; Toronto, ON.

Anthony Charles

Fisheries bio-socio-economics. Fisheries and Aquaculture Bioeconomics Symposium; Mérida, Mexico.

Graham Epstein

Incentives, social networks and governance: theoretical perspectives on building stakeholder support for the adoption and implementation of integrated management. Coastal Zone Canada Conference; Toronto, ON.

Managing tradeoffs in fisheries and fisheries research.  Canadian Association of Geographers of Ontario Conference; Waterloo, ON.


Irene Brueckner-Irwin and Derek Armitage

Implications of marine protected areas on coastal community social-ecological wellbeing in the Bay of Fundy. OceanCanada Conference; Vancouver, BC; and 11th biennial BoFEP Science Workshop; Fredericton, NB.

Sondra Eger and Simon Courtenay

Facilitating the effective operationalization of scientific knowledge within decision-making in Canada. OceanCanada Conference; Vancouver, BC; and McMaster Water Week Student Presentations; Hamilton, ON.

Graham Epstein

Management of forage fisheries. OceanCanada Conference; Vancouver, BC.

E. Ho, Sondra Eger, and Simon Courtenay

A resilient watershed: applying an integrative and adaptive approach to a long-term management of the Muskoka Watershed. Muskoka Summit on the Environment, 2016 Warming World Summit, Solutions for a Warming World; Bracebridge, ON.

Nicole Stamnes, R. Cormier, Derek Armitage and Simon Courtenay

Application of ISO 31000 risk management standard and ISO 31010 bowtie analysis to link environmental monitoring to governance for the estuaries of the Northumberland Strait, Canada. Coastal Zone Canada Conference; Toronto ON. 12-14 June 2016. Platform Presentation

A policy risk analysis: linking environmental monitoring with decision-making. OceanCanada Conference; Vancouver, BC; and Water Week, McMaster University, Hamilton, ON.


Derek Armitage

Governance, institutions and adaptive capacity. OceanCanada Pacific Working Group Adaptive Capacity Workshop; Vancouver, BC.