Juan José Alava

Exploring the impact of climate change on the bioaccumulation of chemical pollutants in a marine food web from the northeastern Pacific: an EwE model approach. Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries Seminar Series (UBC); Vancouver, BC.

Andrés Cisneros-Montemayor

DFO State of the Pacific Ocean Meeting; Nanaimo, BC.

Rashid Sumaila

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Climate Symposium, Smart Climate Information and Accountable Action: Achieving Sustainable Food Security in a Changing World; Piura, Peru.

Biodiversity, resilience and sustainability.  3rd Science for Biodiversity Forum. Mainstreaming biodiversity for well-being: contributions from science; Cancún, Mexico.

Environment and Oceanic Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile and the National Geographic Society. Is the Paris Agreement Good News for the Ocean?; Washington, DC.

Public forum hosted by Terry Beech, Member of Parliament for Burnaby North-Seymour and members of Pacific Caucus on the proposed Trans Mountain Expansion project and an evidence-based discussion on Canada’s energy future; Burnaby, BC.

A simple application of bioeconomics to fisheries subsidies. Fisheries and Aquaculture Bioeconomics Symposium; Mérida, Mexico.

Scientific consensus on MPA financing; and MPA financing: why invest in MPAs? 10X20 Initiative Conference on MPAs; Rome, Italy.

Sea Around Us workshop funded through the MAVA Foundation. Lecture to West African researchers; Vancouver, BC.


William Cheung

ICES-PICES third international symposium on the effects of climate change on the world’s oceans; Santos, Brazil.

Impacts of global change on upwelling ecosystems and fisheries. IMBIZO IV Marine and Human Systems; Trieste, Italy.

Oceans system under climate change. ICES-PICES workshop: Strategic Initiate on Climate Change Impacts on Marine Ecosystems; Seattle, WA.

Responses of marine ecosystems to climate change and ocean acidification. Our Common Future under Climate Change; Paris, France.

Management of marine ecosystems under climate change symposium; Tokyo, Japan.

Rashid Sumaila

Benefits of managing ocean living resources sustainably. Our Oceans Conference; Valparaiso, Chile.

Boom or bust: the future of fish in the South China Sea. Press conference; Hong Kong, China.

Connecting ocean science and policy @ the regional level. Pew Marine Fellows; San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Conservation economics: close the high seas to boost global catch, equality. Global Ocean Legacy; San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Diminishing fish stocks diminishing fortunes from the SCS. Royal Geographical Society of Hong Kong; Hong Kong, China.

E15 policy options on oceans and fisheries. Trade and Development Symposim at the WTO Ministerial Meeting; Nairobi, Kenya.

The economics of high seas fisheries: what do we know and what do we need to know? High Sea Symposium; Oxford, UK.

Examples from the ‘ocean trenches.’ Liu Institute Seminar on Large-scale Interdisciplinary Collaborative Research; Vancouver, BC.

Fisheries subsidies provisions in Environment Chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement. Congressional Briefing; Washington DC.

Global biodiversity outlook: OceanCanada Partnership marine scenario analysis. UNESCO-IPBES Scenarios Workshop; Toyko, Japan.

Marine resources: an environmental and resource economics perspective. UNEP’s International Resource Panel; Paris, France.

The quest for ocean sustainability: a new role for the high seas? AAAS Annual Meeting; San Jose, CA.

Social license and marine biodiversity. Royal Society of Canada Symposium; Victoria, BC.

Socioeconomic benefits of LME valuation in context of climate change. PIRATA-PREFACE-CLIVAR Tropical Atlantic Variability Conference; Cape Town, South Africa.

Spaceship earth: fellow travelers steer towards living sustainably with the ocean. Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies International Research Colloquium; Vancouver, BC.

Stop diminishing fish stocks to improve fortunes from Asia’s waters. Credit Suisse Seminar; Hong Kong, China.

A story about community based ocean research. UBC CBR Telling Stories Series, Museum of Anthropology; Vancouver, BC.

Subsidies, sustainability and inequality among fishers. Board of Directors of Oceana; Valparaiso, Chile.

Subsidies weaken the sustainability of global fisheries while increasing inequality among fishers. UNCTAD and ComSec AHEM Meeting on Trade in Sustainable Fisheries; Geneva, Switzerland.

The sustainability of the global ocean. Vancouver Aquarium Public Lecture; Vancouver, BC.

Sustaining ocean fisheries: a resource economics perspective. Ocean Wise 10th Anniversary: From Fish to Foodies; Vancouver, BC.

Why Value the Socioeconomic Benefits of Large Marine Ecosystem? UFRN; Natal, Brazil.

L. Teh and Allison Witter

Taking Stock Report Summary. Ocean Asia Expert Workshop; Hong Kong, China.