Beyond Climate (BC) Documentary Video project
This video is currently being developed into a full feature film.

Pacific Film #1 (30-minute version)
In summer 2014, the film crew travelled throughout BC, 32 days and 8500 km, and interviewd 50+ local and Indigenous knowledge holders, scientists, conservationists, policymakers and business leaders. The film was supported by a diversity of funding opportunities (e.g. David Suzuki Foundation, Sitka Foundation, University of Winnipeg) as well as OceanCanada.

Beyond Climate Trailer
A trailer for the 45-minute film to be released shortly.

Qatuwas Tribal Canoe Journeys
This film explores the Heiltsuk perspective on this important initiative using a participatory multi-media methodology rooted in traditional knowledge.


Sacred Journeys – Preview
This is a trailer for the Qatuwas film that came out in 2016.