Pacific Region

The Pacific Working Group, based at the University of Victoria, is studying human well-being in the face of social-ecological change in Canada’s Pacific Ocean coastal communities. Members of our Working Group have partnered with local communities to conduct policy-relevant research on social-ecological interactions in coastal ocean areas to support marine spatial planning. Research themes include assessing social values of community and coastal resource users and understanding the impacts of climate change on biodiversity and ecosystem valuation. Collectively, our research is generating a better understanding of the socio-cultural, economic and ecological challenges facing coastal communities. We are linking with industry stakeholders and integrating academic research with on-the-ground adaptive management.

In addition to our formal SSHRC partners, Port Metro Vancouver, the University of British Columbia, and Vancouver Island University are informal associates of the Pacific Working Group.

Pacific Working Group

The Pacific Working Group at the DFO Biological Station in Nanaimo, British Columbia

Activities 2015/2016

The Pacific Working Group continued to support graduate student projects that involve local communities and industry stakeholders in conducting policy-relevant research investigating human well-being in the face of social-ecological change in Pacific coastal communities. It provided research funds to students through two calls for proposals. One of the funded projects resulted in two graduate students hosting a workshop in November 2015 on adaptive capacity which will lead to a publication relevant to the broader OceanCanada partnership. In addition, Working Group members presented at various conferences and had numerous publications related to OCP objectives.