Maintaining coastal and Indigenous community access to marine resources and the ocean in Canada.

Access to marine resources and the ocean is important for the well-being of coastal populations.
In Canada, the ability of many coastal and Indigenous communities to access and benefit from the ocean is a growing issue. Access for coastal and Indigenous communities should be a priority  consideration in all policies and decision-making processes related to fisheries and the ocean in Canada. Taking action now could reverse the current trend and ensure that coastal and Indigenous communities thrive in the future.

Managing the social impacts of conservation.

Conservation and environmental management can produce both positive and negative social impacts for local communities and resource users. Thus it is necessary to understand and adaptively manage the social impacts of conservation over time. This will improve social outcomes, engender local support and increase the overall effectiveness of conservation.

Scientifically-supported economic incentive approaches for the long term sustainability of Atlantic Bluefin Tuna fisheries.

Atlantic Bluefin Tuna is an important fishery in the Mediterranean Sea; The effectiveness of the current management of Atlantic Tuna is questioned; The stock status, economic benefits, and the amount of jobs generated by the bluefin tuna fishery can be increased markedly with improved management; Solution: implement economic incentive management approaches that are back strongly […]