january, 2019

18jan11:00 amIOF Seminar: When and how to worry about Ocean AcidificationThe case of the Greenland Shrimp fishery


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When and how to worry about Ocean Acidification: The case of the Greenland Shrimp fishery

A multidisciplinary team of bio-geochemists, biologists and economists have investigated end-to-end modeling of impacts of ocean acidification on Baffin Bay/Davis Strait and the West Greenland Shrimp Fishery as part of the AMAP Arctic Ocean Acidification Report 2018. There exist many scientific uncertainties regarding the potential that ocean acidification may have on marine resource productivity. This work examines expected impacts and how they may affect the northern shrimp (Pandalus borealis) fisheries. The work also addresses how these overall effects may affect the Greenlandic communities which rely heavily on these fisheries resources. The shrimp fishery is already a vital component of Greenlandic income, and is well studied and well managed. Our current understanding of the impacts of ocean acidification in this ecosystem and economy remains sufficiently uncertain that the inclusion of these impacts in formal modelling, even with explicit incorporation of this uncertainty, cannot yet improve upon existing stock assessment models. The current state of information could benefit with expanded monitoring and research on connections between changes in ocean acidification and shrimp attributes. These could include population dynamics, genetic adaptability, ecosystem interactions, and human tastes and preferences (including e.g. palatability tests) as required to improve both stock assessments and management decisions. Further efforts to increase resilience of communities reliant on the shrimp fishery through diversification, and understanding of the requirements for resilience, may be a preferred use of resources. View event poster.

Speaker: Dr. Brooks Kaiser, Visiting Professor,  Department of Sociology, Environmental and Business Economics, University of Southern Denmark

Date: January 18, 2019
Time: 11:00 am
Location: AERL Theatre (120)


(Friday) 11:00 am PST


AERL Theatre (120)