Marine Policy: Call for abstracts

Special issue on “Funding for ocean conservation and sustainable fisheries”

Special issue editors: Robert Blasiak, Colette C.C. Wabnitz

A suite of recent international commitments and aspirational targets related to ocean conservation and sustainable fisheries management suggest growing consensus among states regarding the need for action. Yet securing adequate financial resources to achieve these goals will be a crucial hurdle for many countries. In recent years, philanthropic foundations have become a major source of funding towards achieving such objectives, and by some accounts this funding now exceeds flows of official development assistance (ODA). Within this rapidly evolving landscape, many questions remain.

This special issue aims to address funding for ocean conservation and sustainable fisheries from different angles. Potential topics include, but are certainly not limited to: regional and global trends in allocation of philanthropic funding and ODA for ocean conservation and sustainable fisheries; reconciling the priorities and objectives of donor and recipient countries; how different funding modalities influence project implementation and outcomes; prospects for improved donor coordination in the oceans/fisheries sector; (mis)matches between funding modalities and international commitments to ocean conservation and sustainable fisheries.

Interested parties are encouraged to submit abstracts (~250 words) describing their intended research topic or question, and how it would contribute to the special issue theme. Abstracts should be submitted no later than November 30, 2017 to the editorial team (

All papers will be handled through the EVISE submission system.