Researcher in Profile: Dr. Nancy Doubleday

Dr. Nancy Doubleday

Dr. Nancy Doubleday, McMaster University, co-chairs the OceanCanada Arctic Working Group with Dr. Fraser Taylor, Carleton University. Nancy has served on OceanCanada’s Management, Research, and Conference committees, and together with Rashid and Ian Perry, served on the interview with SSHRC that determined the project’s success in the Partnership Grant competition, as well as served as co-applicant on the initial Partnership Development Grant.

Trained as a biologist, lawyer and social scientist, Nancy has a career that includes Arctic research and advocacy in areas of Inuit whaling rights, circumpolar environmental protection, climate change, land claims and governance in the Arctic and circumpolar north. She has completed research in partnership with northern communities to document oral history and traditional ecological knowledge, related to contemporary observations of changing environments and the negotiation and implementation of land claims, including self-government proposals.

Nancy works at the nexus of social-cultural-ecological systems, with a commitment to peace, sustainability, justice and health, and to reconciliation in policy and implementation. She has just completed her second term as the inaugural holder of the Hope Chair in Peace and Health, and is a member of the Department of Philosophy at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. As a faculty member, Nancy currently serves as Director of Water Without Borders, a joint diploma program with the United Nations University – Institute for Water, Environment and Health (UNU-INWEH) where she is an Adjunct Professor.