Researcher in Profile: Dr. Rashid Sumaila

Rashid Sumaila

Researcher in Profile – Dr. Rashid Sumaila

Dr. Sumaila, OceanCanada Director, is Professor with a joint appointment at the Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries (IOF) and the Liu Institute for Global Issues, and Director of the Fisheries Economics Research Unit (FERU) at the University of British Columbia. He has authored over 200 journal articles, including in Science, Nature and the Journal of Environmental Economics and Management. Dr. Sumaila is winner of the 2013 American Fisheries Society Excellence in Public Outreach award, the Stanford Leopold Leadership Fellowship, and the Pew Marine Fellowship. He has given talks at the UN Rio+20, the WTO, the White House, Canadian Parliament, State Department, African Union, European Parliament and the British House of Lords.
In 2016 Dr. Sumaila presented at numerous conferences, most notably the Our Ocean: One Future conference hosted by US Secretary of State John Kerry, where an address was made by President Barack Obama. Click here to view Dr. Sumaila’s talk (starting at about 8:50).

Other recent presentations were made at the following events: