Data and Dataverse

Dataverse is a publicly accessible data repository platform, open to affiliated researchers to deposit and share research data openly with anyone in the world. The OceanCanada Partnership’s publicly available research data is archived here.

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Policy Briefs

Policy briefs are brief overview documents produced for non-specialist policymakers.

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News from OceanCanada, our partners, and relevant news stories from around the world.

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Our quarterly newsletter. All previous newsletters are available as PDF documents as well as text-only versions. You can sign up for our next newsletter here.

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Events held by OceanCanada and our partners, including speaker series.

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Media Coverage

A list of all mentions, quotations and citations in the media from OceanCanada and our partners.

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Video Gallery

A list of videos produced by OceanCanada and our partners, as well as interviews, awards, presentations and related coverage.

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Photo Gallery

A range of photographs from OceanCanada and our partners.

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