OceanCanada Newsletter – Summer 2016

OceanCanada Conference in Vancouver May 23 ­- 27

The second OceanCanada Partnership conference was held in Vancouver from May 24-27 on the beautiful grounds of the University of British Columbia. The conference brought together more than 60 researchers, students and post- doctoral fellows, advisory board members, community and institutional partners to take stock of our activities and work towards an integrated research agenda. Through a series of panels and group discussions, round tables and workshops, the conference delegates identified the emerging threats, challenges, and opportunities facing Canada’s oceans and coastal communities, and began the difficult task of synthesizing research priorities.

OceanCanada Researchers Attend CoastalZone Conference in Toronto

OceanCanada investigators joined researchers from around the world to explore integrated ocean, coastal, lake and watershed management at the 2016 CoastalZone Conference in Toronto, June 12-16.

Researcher Profile: Dr. Natalie Ban

Dr Natalie Ban is an assistant professor in the School of Environmental Studies at the University of Victoria, where she leads the Marine Ethnoecology Research group. Trained in geography (B.A. and M.A. in geography from McGill), resource management and environmental studies (PhD from UBC Fisheries Centre), Dr Natalie Ban draws upon many disciplines from natural and social sciences in her work. Her research interests span ethnoecology, conservation biology, marine spatial planning, conservation planning and implementation, and evaluation and mapping of cumulative impacts, mainly in marine and coastal systems, with funding from both SSHRC and NSERC, among others.

Student Blog Entry: Irene Brueckner-­Irwin

Irene Brueckner-Irwin presented a poster at the Bay of Fundy Ecosystem Partnership biennial science workshop from June 8-10 in Fredericton. The theme of the meeting was “Fundy in Flux: Challenges for Science, Policy and Society”. Read about Irene’s experience at the workshop on her blog post.

“Last week, I attended the “Fundy in Flux: Challenges for Science, Policy and Society” science workshop, hosted by the Bay of Fundy Ecosystem Partnership (BoFEP) in Fredericton. BoFEP is a transdisciplinary partnership which promotes ecological integrity, biodiversity, and productivity for the wellbeing of coastal communities. The workshop was an effective way to share knowledge about the dynamic state of the Bay of Fundy, highlighting the importance of place-based science communication as a way to address the challenges and opportunities of complexity and uncertainty.”

OceanCanada Research in the News

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CBC, July 1

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Nature, June 15

Ten per cent of world could face malnutrition as fish stocks tumble
Globe and Mail, June 15

Why some coral reefs thrive as others die off
CBC, June 15

One-Fifth of the Global Population Risks Malnutrition As Fish Stocks Decline
Vice (Motherboard), June 15