Rapidly changing Arctic fisheries potential requires comprehensive management

The migration of fish due to unmitigated climate change could net fisheries in the Arctic 37 times more fish than current annual catch amounts by the end of the century, a new study from the University of British Columbia has found. But, the researchers warn, any future commercial fisheries must ensure species and ecosystem sustainability and consider the food security implications for local communities.

The Antarctic: connecting the dots. The Arctic: giving back. The Himalayas: feeling the myth

Early in 2018, Dr. D. R. Fraser Taylor, Director of the Geomatics and Cartographic Research Centre, was invited by Oldrich Bubak, an academic from McMaster University, to write the foreword for a trilogy of books of photographs on three special places, the Poles of the Planet – the Arctic, the Antarctic, and the Himalayas. The extensive collection of photographs was taken by his father, Oldrich Bubak, an explorer, award winning photographer and guide of Czech ancestry. Dr. Taylor was approached to write the foreword in view of his reputation as a cartographer of global merit; he is the only Canadian to have been elected President of the International Cartographic Association. As Dr. Taylor notes, these photographs draw our attention to compelling questions of geography and environment in these times of dramatic and irreversible climate change.

Publication: Canada’s Marine Coasts in a Changing Climate

This report takes a landscape approach in examining Canada’s marine coasts. While focus is placed on the shoreline as the interface between land and water, the scope of interest extends landward and oceanward to the degree that those areas affect the sustainability and well-being of coastal communities and ecosystems. Click here or the image below […]

News Brief: Inuvialuit ask feds for regional environment assessment of Beaufort Sea

Source: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/north/beaufort-sea-environmental-assessment-1.3490983 The Inuvialuit are pitching a far-reaching scientific and traditional knowledge study that would help researchers better understand how Arctic ecosystems will be affected by climate change, increased shipping and oil and gas development. “We see ourselves as part of the ecosystem, so anything that is going to affect that is going to affect […]

News Brief: Canada-US Bilateral Agreement on Arctic Conservation

On March 10, 2016 Canada and the US released a major bilateral announcement on the Arctic to coincide with Prime Minister Trudeau’s visit to Washington. The announcement includes an initiative to re-examine new conservation goals for the Arctic and a commitment to engage all Arctic nations in the development of a pan-Arctic marine protection area […]