National Working Groups

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National Data and Integrated Scenarios

The National Data and Integrated Scenarios (NDIS) Working Group, based at the University of British Columbia, is compiling secondary data to create a user-friendly searchable research database. This database will house important social, cultural, governance, economic and environmental data and we envision that it will help researchers more easily assess and monitor trends related to the health of Canada’s three coastal-ocean environments. Through our work with scenario modelling, we are mapping the potential pathways to human and environmental sustainability within Canada’s coastal-ocean regions and appraising their associated opportunities and risks.

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Law and Policy

The Law and Policy Working Group, based at Dalhousie University, is studying the current state of Canada’s law and policy frameworks in critical sectors affecting the management of our oceans, with a view to strengthening a principled approach to these legal and policy structures. Legal principles of sustainable development can be made the “foundation stones” for supporting healthy social-ecological systems, and we employ this perspective in all aspects of our work.

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Knowledge Mobilization

The Knowledge Mobilization Working Group, based at the University of Winnipeg, is conducting research that explores modern media (such as video and social media) as a way to document, in Canada’s three coastal-ocean regions, different perspectives on the importance of oceans for community (such as food, culture, economy).

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