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June 302020WTO fishing subsidies negotiations to resume, as China drops case against EUSeafood Source.
June 142020卑詩省一些商家重新允許消費者自備購物袋 (Some businesses in BC are re-allowing consumers to bring their own shopping bags)Sing Tao Daily.
June 142020Reusable bags slowly return to B.C. stores as plastic ones used during pandemic pile up. CBC.
June 92020Reusable bags slowly return to B.C. stores as plastic ones used during pandemic pile up. Macleans.
May 222020To Help Coral Reefs, Strategic Local Management Is Key. Pew Trusts.
Mar 202020IUU economic estimates climb as high as USD 50 billion in new study. Seafood Source
Mar 132020La lutte pour les poissons de l'Afrique de l'Ouest.Den Multimedia.
Mar 122020Counting the cost of fish fraud: ‘billions’ lost to illicit fisheries.FoodNavigator.
Mar 122020The fight for west Africa’s fish. Financial Times.
Mar 82020Så mye fisker kvinnene i
Mar 82020The invisible women of small scale fisheries contribute 11% of global catch. Anthropocene Magazine.
Feb 262020Billions lost as illicit fisheries trade hurting nations who can afford it leastScience Daily.
Feb 262020Billions lost as illicit fisheries trade hurting nations who can afford it leastDer Tagesspiegel.
Feb 192020Identifying and ending subsidies for extinction.Anthropocene Magazine.
Feb 132020Dumping drugs in the garbage hurts more than just the environmentKicker.
Feb 122020Ocean fish farming in tropics and sub-tropics most impacted by climate
Feb 122020Piscicultura oceânica nos trópicos e sub-trópicos mais impactados pelas mudanças climáticasMeio Ambiente Rio.
Feb 112020Chesterfield Inlet mayor pitches deep-sea port to ease effects of increased shippingNunatsiaq News.
Feb 112020Climate change may alter aquaculture on BC’s coast.My Cowichan Valley Now.
Jan 242020Activism drives interest in climate change scienceMirage News.
Jan 242020Costa Rica se prepara para las negociaciones de la agenda marina internacional 2020El Mundo.
Jan 102020Marine protected areas not all good, says Vancouver Island fishermanVictoria News.
Jan 052020To save fish, ban high seas fishing, UBC professor suggestsVancouver Sun.
Jan 022020Fish products in European supermarkets connected to unsustainable fishing practices in IndiaMongabay.
Fall2019The key to a sustainable world fishery may well lie in our ability to monetize conservationUBC Trek.
Dec 202019A sea change: new technology, knowledge and ocean-related researchMemorial University Gazette.
Dec 16201990 percent of fish used for fishmeal are prime fish.Wellston Journal.
Dec 102019Seas at Risk urges ending overfishing to mitigate climate impactsSDG Knowledge Hub.
Dec 092019The oceans are losing oxygen at an unprecedented clipThe Hill.
Dec 072019Ocean experts call for action now! EU Today.EU Today.
Dec 072019Oceans losing oxygen at unprecedented rate, experts warn.The Guardian.
Dec 072019Warming waters, moving fish: how climate change is reshaping IcelandToday.
Dec 042019Catching fish to feed fish: report details ‘unsustainable’ fishmeal and oil industryMongabay.
Dec 022019Compliance with Paris Agreement would limit loss of productivity in fishing, agricultureScience News.
Nov 302019A crisis in the water is decimating this once-booming fishing
Nov 292019Warming waters, moving fish: how climate change is reshaping IcelandThe Seattle Times.
Nov 272019Climate change threatens food production in countries that need it mostKelowna Capital News.
Nov 272019Climate change threatens food production in countries that need it mostBC Local News.
Nov 272019Climate change threatens food production in countries that need it mostVictoria News.
Nov 272019Climate change threatens food production in countries that need it mostThe Province.
Nov 272019Climate change threatens food production in countries that need it mostVancouver Sun.
Nov 272019Climate change threatens food production in countries that need it mostCalgary Herald.
Nov 272019Climate change threatens food production in countries that need it mostOttawa Citizen.
Nov 272019Climate change threatens food production in countries that need it most
Regina Leader-Post.
Nov 272019Climate change threatens food production in countries that need it mostThe Star.
Nov 272019Climate change threatens food production in countries that need it most660 City News.
Nov 272019A crisis in the water is decimating this once-booming fishing town
Washington Post.
Nov 112019Majority of global fishing subsidies ‘harmful’, report finds.Chinadialogue Ocean.
Nov 72019Climate change and overfishing are boosting toxic mercury levels in fish.The Conversation.
Oct 302019The climate crisis will present new management challenges for Arctic fisheries.The Ubyssey.
Oct 292019Poisonous puffer fish found in B.C. waters a first for the region, researchers say.Georgia Straight.
Oct 282019Les subventions à la pêche accusées de vider les océans.Le Temps.
Oct 152019Achieving a safe and just future for the ocean economy.Science Daily.
Oct 142019Achieving a safe and just future for the ocean economy.UBC Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries News.
Oct 142019Los oceános se quedan sin peces mientras los Gobiernos aumentan subsidios para pesca de arrastre.Fayer Wayer.
Oct 102019Σεβόμαστε την ιδιωτικότητά σας.Gazzetta.
Oct 92019The sea is running out of fish, despite nations’ pledges to stop it.National Geographic.
Oct 62019Océanos se ahogan; países tropicales, los más afectados.Excelsior.
Sep 302019Publicité « irresponsable » sur le climat : une tête tombe à l’Université de l’Alberta.Radio Canada.
Sep 292019Climate change threatens the world’s fisheries, food billions of people rely on.Inside Climate News.
Sep-272019UBC experts share views on global action on climate change.UBC Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries News.
Sep-262019Trans Mountain oil tankers aren't the only thing endangering whales on the West Coast.CBC News.
Sep-262019Here’s how climate change will impact the region where you live.Global News.
25-Sep2019Rapidly changing Arctic fisheries potential requires comprehensive management.UBC Science.
25-Sep2019Unprecedented damage to oceans has Canada's marine life on the run.Canada’s National Observer.
25-Sep2019Avis de tempête sur la pêche mondiale.l'Humanité.
25-Sep2019United Nations report links warming of oceans and polar regions to health effects.The Globe and Mail.
20-Sep2019Canadá y Estados Unidos pierden 30% de sus pájaros en los últimos 50 años.Radio Canadá Internacional.
20-Sep2019What would happen if Canada treated climate crisis like war.Vice News.
19-Sep2019North America has lost 3 billion birds since 1970.CBC News.
18-Sep2019What can we do to stop climate change? Experts share their views.UBC News.
04-Sep2019Ending overfishing is opportunity to combat climate
03-Sep2019Costa Rica ignora cuántos recursos hay en sus mares.Seminario Universidad.
01-Sep2019‘For every benefit, there is a similar kind of cost’.Global News.
01-Sep2019Climate change might benefit Canada - but not enough to outweigh costs. Global News.
01-Sep2019Worried about climate change? Here’s what to ask political candidates.Chatelaine.
29-Aug2019Forget oxygen - the Amazon's destruction could threaten rain and food growing.Global News.
29-Aug2019Upset about Amazon wildfires? There's something you can do.CBC News.
20-Aug2019Redirect pre-mix fuel subsidy to sustain fisheries resourceGhanaWeb.
15-Aug2019Eight urgent measures proposed to ensure future ocean healthHellenic Shipping News.
14-Aug2019Don't want your goldfish anymore? Rehome it on KijijiNational Post.
07-Aug2019Mercury levels in fish are rising despite reduced emissionsScience News.
19-Jun2019Scientists say ocean warming may greatly reduce sea lifeVoice of America.
19-Jun2019Conservatives unveil climate change policyGlobal News.
18-Jun2019Tàu cá Trung Qu?c ?e d?a môi tr??ng Bi?n ?ôngThanh Niên.
17-Jun2019If we don't stop climate change now, we may not have any fish to eat very soonIndia Times.
17-Jun2019Three new CRCs appointed at UBC Science, seven renewed or advancedUBC Science.
16-Jun2019The rise in seawater temperature will reduce the number of organismsCCTV.
14-Jun2019UBC researchers among new and renewed Canada Research ChairsUBC Research + Innovation.
13-Jun2019‘Opportunity to take action’: climate change may bring 17% loss of sea life by 2100Sputnik.
12-Jun2019After coral reef, 1/6th of fish and marine life set to disappear from oceans, says studyInternational Business Times.
12-Jun2019The drilldown: climate change could reduce sea life 17 per cent by 2100iPolitics.
12-Jun2019Rising temperatures could kill 17% of sea life by century’s end24/7 Wall St.
11-Jun2019Oceans will lose one-sixth of marine life from current greenhouse gas emissionsThe Hill.
11-Jun2019Earth's oceans could lose one-sixth of marine life by 2100 due to climate changeCBS News.
11-Jun2019In hot water? Study says warming may reduce sea life by 17%Victoria News.
11-Jun2019In hot water? Study says warming may reduce sea life by
10-Jun2019Local companies find pre-emptive ban on single-use plastics is good business, expert saysCityNews 1130.
07-Jun2019UBC goes all in for sustainable seafoodUBC News.
29-May2019Fisheries subsidies negotiations: what is at stake for least developed countries? Trade for Development News.Trade for Development News.
24-May2019Study shows economic benefits of patient approach to northern cod recoveryCTV News.
24-May2019Patience is the key to a resurrection of the cod-forsaken East Coast fishery, study saysGlobe and Mail.
23-May2019Northern cod fishery could provide 16x more jobs and 5x more economic valueOceana.
22-May2019Put fishing back in BC fishermen’s handsThe Tyee.
21-May2019Solutions for the peopled sea–combining conservation and social justiceSealives.
17-May2019Your climate, your choice: Analyzing Federal Green Party’s climate planGlobal News.
09-May2019How humanity put 1 million species at risk of extinctionCBC.
08-May2019Greenhouse gases are causing Canada’s Arctic waters to acidify quicker.CBC.
08-May2019Greenhouse gases are causing Canada’s Arctic waters to acidify quicker, research suggests.Globe and Mail.
06-May2019UN report warns of grim future for nature, biodiversity.CPAC.
01-May2019Co-creating a shared vision for Canada’s oceansInnovation UBC.
01-Apr2019Non aux subventions conduisant à la surpêche !EurActiv.
31-Mar2019Choisir entre la protection des océans ou sa destruction.Le Parisien.
13-Mar2019Trust more important than ecology to gain local support for conservation.EurekAlert!
11-Mar2019Perbudakan ABK dan Illegal Fishing di Laut Lepas.Darilaut.
08-Mar2019Suzuki joins environmental filmmaker for TRU presentation.CFJC Today.
08-Mar2019What to do in Kamloops this weekend.
08-Mar2019David Suzuki implores young to act on climate change.Times Colonist.
08-Mar2019Globally renowned fisheries economist Professor Rashid Sumaila visits UWA.University of Western Australia News.
07-Mar2019Tata Kelola Perikanan Laut Lepas Harus Diperbaiki Menyeluruh.Medcom.
07-Mar2019Indonesia Kaji Tata Kelola Perikanan di Sela World Ocean Summit.Tempo.
06-Mar2019Have your say in how city supports the arts.The Daily Courier.
05-Mar2019David Suzuki to speak in at UBC Okanagan.Kelowna Capital News.
05-Mar2019Mehr Klimaschutz brächte Fischerei Milliarden.SonneSeite.
05-Mar2019East China Sea fish stocks hit hard by global warming.China Dialogue Ocean.
04-Mar2019Heatwaves sweeping oceans ‘like wildfires’, scientists reveal.The Guardian.
04-Mar2019If you don't like eating fish, you might be a fan of global warming.Popular Science.
2019Ideafest: what a warmer climate means to you.Times Colonist.
01-Mar2019Il riscaldamento globale sta già danneggiando la pesca in tutto il mondo.Green Report Italy.
01-Mar2019Mehr Klimaschutz brächte Fischerei Milliarden.Wallstreet Online Germany.
01-Mar2019Global warming decimating world fisheries—and studies warn it's on track to get worse without urgent action.Common Dreams.
201958 things to do in Metro Vancouver on Friday, March 1.Georgia Straight.
28-Feb2019The world is losing fish to eat as oceans warm, study finds.The New York Times.
28-Feb2019Scientists warn global warming could destroy fish stocks and spark migration. The National.
28-Feb2019Scientists warn global warming could decimate fish supplies and fuel migration. The Japan Times.
2019Five events we’re looking forward to most at Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival.Inside Vancouver.
2019Film ‘Beyond Climate’ features issues that are impacting BC.Global News BC.
27-Feb2019Achieving Paris climate target could net additional billions in fisheries revenue. UBC Science.
24-Jan2019Perairan Dikuasai China, Ghana Hanya Peroleh 5% Keuntungan. Matamata politik.Matamata politik.
12-Dec2018Pesquerías pueden reducir pérdidas con gestión más sostenible.SciDev.Net
10-Dec2018What will be the last fish?Popular Mechanics.
07-Dec2018¿Cómo afectará el cambio climático las pesquerías del mundo?Ecoticias.
05-Dec2018UBC study identifies destructive fisheries.The Cordova Times.
04-Dec2018Cómo afectará el cambio climático a la pesca en México y el mundo.Tu interfaz de negocios.
03-Dec2018¿Cómo afectará el cambio climático las pesquerías del mundo?El Punto Critico.
27-Nov2018Research shows inefficient fishing costs global companies over $51bn annually.Undercurrent News.
19-Nov2018Apparently no one knows how much an oil spill on Salish Sea would cost.Sightline Institute.
19-Nov2018Ending harmful fisheries subsidies could reverse decline in fish stocks.Pew.
15-Nov2018Ocean shock: big aquaculture bulldozes Borneo.VOA News.
14-Nov2018Climate change and the oceans.Yale Climate Connections.
08-Nov2018How nutritious is that fish? To find out, ask its relatives.Oceana.
31-Oct2018Too many fishers in the sea: the economic ceiling of artisanal fisheries. Science Daily.
31-Oct2018Ocean shock: big aquaculture bulldozes Borneo.Malay Mail.
19-Oct2018Climate change will exacerbate pollutant woes for southern resident orcas. The Ubyssey.
Sep 262019Rapidly changing Arctic fisheries potential requires comprehensive management.Mirage News.
18-Sep2018Managing the ocean. (MP3 link)CBC.
10-Sep2018Wait, so how much of the ocean is actually fished?The Atlantic.
10-Sep2018Warming seas, falling fortunes: stories of fishermen on the front lines of climate changeCenter for American Progress.
06-Sep2018Fishing on the open ocean is rarely profitable, and comes with a huge list of environmental issuesVue Weekly.
02-Sep2018The rule of law on the high seasCyprus Mail.
30-Aug2018Négociations à l’ONU pour protéger la haute merLe Monde.
30-Aug2018Treaty to regulate fishing on high seas laudableThe Province.
29-Aug2018Establishing the rules on the high seasMerritt Herald.
28-Aug2018How the U.N should regulate high-seas fishingJapan Times.
23-Aug2018The South China Sea’s marine environment in decline amid territorial spatsRadio Free Asia.
09-Aug2018Are wealthy nations hoarding the world's fish supply? Pacific Standard.
05-Aug2018Rising water temperatures have sharks moving north away from FloridaWPLG Local 10.
04-Aug2018Sharks are changing where they swim, breed and hunt along American coasts, say expertsABC News.
03-Aug2018Rich and poor divide: which nations benefit from global fishing?News Deeply.
19-Jul2018Scientist sees harmful fisheries subsidies taking toll on global fish stocks.Pew Trusts.
12-Jul2018Sharks honoured on new Canadian postage stamps.The Star Vancouver.
01-Jul2018High seas fishing would go broke without "massive" subsidies: studyThe Siasat Daily.
28-Jun2018Je propose de transformer la haute mer en banque à poissons.Le Temps.
08-Jun2018Rashid Sumaila discusses sea use in Africa.CGTN America.
07-Jun2018Much of high seas fishing industry would be unprofitable without government subsidies.Eurasia Review.
07-Jun2018La mayor­a de la pesca en alta mar ya no es rentable sin subvenciones.Europa Press.
06-Jun2018High seas fishing would go broke without ‘massive’ subsidies: study.Breitbart.
06-Jun2018Study on economics of fishing on the high
06-Jun2018High seas fishing would go broke without 'massive' subsidies: study.France 24.
06-Jun2018Study on economics of fishing on the high seas.EurekAlert.
06-Jun2018More than half of industrial fisheries aren’t turning a profit: study.The Star Vancouver.
06-Jun2018High seas fishing isn't just destructive - it's unprofitable.National Geographic.
26-May2018Ecologistas urgen al comisario de Pesca a acabar con la sobrepesca antes de 2020.La Opinión A Coruña.
25-May2018Calls to end wasteful EU overfishing.Food Ingredients First.
24-May2018EU fisheries commissioner urged to "seize the moment" to end overfishing.Undercurrent News.
24-May2018Karmenu Vella recebe apelo para terminar com a sobrepesca na EuropaJornalda economia do mar.
24-May2018Nueve medioambientalistas instan a Karmenu Vella a poner "la casa en orden".Industrias Pesqueras.
23-May2018Nine ocean leaders urge for an end to EU overfishing.Safety4Sea.
23-May2018Ocean Summit sponsored by the Volvo Group spotlights the problem of plastic in the world's oceans.Recycling Product News.
23-May2018Global ocean leaders urge Commissioner Vella to end EU overfishing.European Supermarket Magazine.
23-May2018Global ocean leaders urge Commissioner Karmenu Vella to end EU overfishing.The Shift.
18-May2018It pays to invest in biodiversity.National Post.
17-May2018It pays to invest in biodiversity.The Conversation.
14-May2018Insurance turns to coral reefs and mangroves as ocean risks surge.Reuters.
08-May2018Bill C-68 enshrines human dimensions in Canadian fisheries law.Policy Options.
06-May2018With warmer water, fish need more oxygen than their gills can supply.Sentinel Source.
03-May2018Should nations close the high seas to fishing?Re.Think.
28-Apr2018Warm water could mean less oxygen, smaller fish.Panama City News Herald.
24-Apr2018Cientistas alertam que aquecimento global vai deixar peixes nanicos.Gazeta do Povo.
30-Apr2018Climate change could deplete fish stocks without better data, international agreements, researchers say.The Star Vancouver.
23-Apr2018"Malos y feos", subsidios a pesca.Cuarto Poder.
23-Apr2018Beberapa terumbu karang kuat hadapi gelombang panas.Republika.
20-Apr2018Heat waves are roasting reefs, but some corals may be resilient.Science News.
10-Apr2018Fishers uncertain future; are subsidies to blame? Jamaica Observer
18-Mar2018New research finds reefs help protect vulnerable Caribbean fish from climate change. Science Daily
16-Mar2018Reefs help protect vulnerable Caribbean fish from climate change.
14-Mar2018As Alaskan waters warm, market squid extend their reach northward. Undark
13-Mar2018Dollars for disaster: Daniel Pauly and Rashid Sumaila discuss how governments subsidize overfishing. Oceana
02-Mar2018Fishmeal landings under fire. The Fish Site
02-Mar2018The world has two years to meet marine protection goal. Can it be done? National Geographic
28-Feb2018Overfishing poses risks for investors. Eco Business
20-Feb2018Investing in nature outweigh costs. Stockholm Resilience Centre
08-Feb2018It's fishy: rise in warm-water species found off our coasts. Irish Times
05-Feb2018Why salmon eating insects instead of fish is better for environment. National Geographic
31-Jan2018Shark found washed up on Delta beach. Vancouver is Awesome
30-Jan2018Ocean Luminaries explore ocean mysteries at American Museum of Natural History. Broadway World
29-Jan2018Red herring: the tons of fish that are caught but not eaten. News Deeply
25-Jan2018The ups and downs of marine protected areas: examining the evidence. Mongabay
13-Jan2018Scientists cite solutions to arrest alarming fisheries decline. Philippine Canadian Inquirer
13-Jan2018Pilipinas, nanganganib maubos ang yamang dagat. ABS-CBN
11-Jan2018Our oceans are suffocating! (MP3 link)Roundhouse Radio
03-Jan2018GLORES Partner Spotlight: Dr. Rashid Sumaila. Marine Conservation Institute
24-Dec2017The UN starts a conservation treaty for the high seasNational Geographic
23-Dec2017The danger to the South China Sea fishery.Asia Sentinel
21-Dec2017Experts to China: cooperate or South China Sea fisheries may collapseMongabay
11-Dec2017Last tango in Buenos Aires: WTO faces deadline to ban fishing subsidiesNews Deeply
11-Dec2017Sea changeFood in Canada
01-Dec2017Nu invigs världens största marinreservatSverige Radio
30-Nov2017Canada 150: reflect and reimagineLibrary and Archives Canada
30-Nov2017Pacific island fish migrating to cooler seasSciDevNet
30-Nov2017Se nya bilderna på kronprinsessan VictoriaSvensk Dam
29-Nov2017Geomatics and Cartographic Research Centre hosts Indigenous and northern research partnersCarleton University VPRI
29-Nov2017Expert vill förbjuda fiske på öppet havEnköpings-Posten
29-Nov2017Volvo Environment Prize 2017(video clip)Marklund Film AB
28-Nov2017Kronprinsessan vid The Global Ocean and the Future of HumanityKunglHovstaterna
27-Nov2017Världshaven i akut behov av skydGöteborgs-Posten
17-Nov2017Pacific threat: 80 per cent of fish set to be wiped out as ocean temperatures surgeNewsweek
17-Nov201750-80pct of fish in Pacific Islands could disappear due to climate changeFIS
16-Nov2017Fishing subsidies harm artisanal fishermen worldwide.CBC
05-Jun2017Should large scale fisheries get more subsidies than small scale fishing?Roundhouse Radio
05-Jun2017Marine reserves help mitigate against climate change, say scientists.Science Daily
02-Jun2017Committing to socially responsible seafood.Science
02-Jun2017Why Mexican fishermen are going from shark hunting to shark protecting.Fusionnet
01-Jun2017Subsidies promote overfishing and hurt small-scale fishers worldwide.UBC News
01-Jun2017The shared stewardship of the South China Sea.The Manila Times
01-Jun2017Subsidies promote overfishing and hurt small-scale fishers worldwide.Physorg
23-May2017China’s appetite for seafood is pushing global fish stocks to the brink.Australia Financial Review
21-May2017Does marine conservation need a "Hippocratic Oath"? UBC researcher says yes.CBC News
18-May2017Overfishing risks collapsing global fishing industry.VOA Learning English
12-May2017China cracks down on coastal fisheriesScience
12-May2017Minister Susi receives Peter Benchley Ocean awards.Tempo
11-May2017Peter Benchley Ocean Awards 2017: a celebration of excellence in ocean conservationOcean Currents
30-Apr2017China’s appetite pushes fish population to brink.Business Mirror
27-Apr2017Not just a boys’ club: women hooking into fishing industry.VOA News
07-Apr2017Warming oceans may lead to smaller fish.Inside Science
27-Feb2017Sustainable and healthy ocean ecosystems: putting our money where our mouths are.SDG Knowledge Hub
03-Feb2017Fish economist, Dr. Rashid Sumaila, wins “Academy Award of the Sea.The Ubyssey
20-Jan2017Trading for sustainable fisheries.IndraStra
03-Jan2017Food and jobs from fish hinge on Paris Agreement.Futurity
30-Dec2016Paris warming limit will increase fish catches.Climate News Network
22-Dec2016Climate change could have devastating impact on global fisheries.CBC News
22-Dec2016International climate targets good for global fisheries: B.C. researchers. Canadian Press
22-Dec2016Study: Nova Scotia catches could be maintained if world abides by Paris climate agreement.Local Xpress
22-Dec2016World's fishing fleet to catch 25 billion fewer fish a year by 2100 unless more is done to stop climate change.Independent
22-Dec2016Global warming could cause fishing to decline by millions of tons each year, study says.San Diego Union-Tribune
22-Dec2016The Paris climate agreement could save commercial fishing.Gizmodo
22-Dec2016World's fishing fleet to catch 25 billion fewer fish a year by 2100 unless more is done to stop climate change.Independent
22-Dec2016Global warming could cause fishing to decline by millions of tons each year, study says.San Diego Union-Tribune
22-Dec2016The Paris climate agreement could save commercial fishing.Gizmodo
13-Dec2016A court case that could impact the Nova Scotia in-shore fishery.CBC-NS Information Morning
16-Nov2016Arctic haven for belugas becomes Canada's newest protected area.Globe and Mail
26-Oct2016Indigenous knowledge and cimate change.University of Winnipeg News Centre
06-Oct2016Global fisheries will lose $10B a year to climate change by 2050.Forbes
22-Sep2016Liu professor sets scene at 2016 Our Ocean Conference.Liu Institute for Global Issues
12-Sep2016Public forum on pipeline and energy strategy at SFU held by Terry Beech.The Peak
12-Sep2016I cambiamenti climatici causeranno forti perdite economiche al settore ittico.pesceinrete
10-Sep2016Outlook is dismal for B.C.'s wild salmon.Vancouver Sun
08-Sep2016UBC report: climate change will decimate fisheries.Global News
08-Sep2016Unchecked climate change could cost fisheries billions.The Cordova Times
06-Sep2016Future fisheries can expect $10 billion revenue loss due to climate change.Science Daily
02-Sep2016How to keep plenty of fish in the seaHalifax Metro
30-Aug2016High seas fisheries management could recoup losses due to climate change.UBC News
29-Aug2016One of the world’s biggest fisheries is on the verge of collapse.National Geographic
12-Aug2016Warmer global ocean pushes fish to extremes.Sport Fishing Magazine
02-Aug2016WWF-Canada warns that small fish are in big trouble.World Wildlife Fund News
19-Jul20165 things about fishing in the South China Sea.Wall Street Journal
13-Jul2016South China Sea ruling won't stop plundering of ecosystem, experts say.Reuters
01-Jul2016Insurance industry unknowingly supports illegal fishing, UBC researchers sayCBC News
27-Jun2016Obama urged to create world's largest marine reserveSaipan Tribune
15-Jun2016Nutrition: fall in fish catch threatens human healthNature
15-Jun2016Ten per cent of world could face malnutrition as fish stocks tumbleGlobe and Mail
15-Jun2016Why some coral reefs thrive as others die offCBC News
15-Jun2016One-fifth of the global population risks malnutrition as fish stocks declineMotherboard
08-Jun2016World Oceans DayRoundhouse Radio
06-Jun2016Rogue fishing vessels still able to secure insurance: studyJakarta Globe
03-Jun2016International treaty targeting illegal fishing takes effectMongabay
18-May2016Fish subsidies must come to an end to save ocean stocks (op ed)Live Science
08-Apr2016Sustainability of Canadian fisheries requires bold political leadership.Policy Options
08-Apr2016First round of UN negotiations to regulate high seas fishing concludesMongabay
28-Mar2016How to save fisheries and save jobs tooTake Part
21-Mar2016How the world subsidizes overfishing, in two charts.Vox
14-Mar2016Inuvialuit ask feds for regional environment assessment of Beaufort SeaCBC News
01-Feb2016Canada in 2050 could face climate extremes at current emissions levelsVancouver Metro
01-Feb2016With climate change, amended Fisheries Code no guarantee for ample seafood supply: academicsInterAksyon
28-Feb2016Canada in 2050: land of climate-change extremes at current emissions levelsThe Province
26-Feb2016Nunavut filmmaker screens climate change doc in BerlinNunatsiaq News
05-Feb2016Canadian films to watch for at Berlin International Film FestivalRadio Canada International
20-Jan2016Oceans are running out of fish – much faster than we thoughtZME Science
14-Jan2016Global warming could decrease B.C. First Nations' fish catch by halfGlobal News
14-Jan2016Global warming could decrease B.C. First Nations' fish catch by halfKUOW
14-Jan2016Climate change could cut First Nations fisheries' catch in halfVancouver Observer
13-Jan2016Scientists say climate change is threatening the lifeblood of Canada's native peopleCTV News
13-Jan2016Scientists say climate change is threatening the lifeblood of Canada’s native peopleWashington Post
29-Nov2015Interview with UBC Associate Prof William Cheung, on climate changeCKNW
26-Nov2015Consequences of overfishing in the South China SeaBangkok Post
15-Nov2015Carleton partners with Kitikmeot Heritage Society on new atlas of the Fifth Thule ExpeditionCarleton University Research
13-Nov2015Oceans and climate: moveable feastScience
13-Nov2015Disappearing fish stocks are a warning we need action to head off crisis in South China SeaSouth China Morning Post
13-Nov2015HK's marine conservation efforts thwarted by politics, consumers save the dayHarbour Times
06-Nov2015Study shows popular fish consumed in Hong Kong under serious threatRetail News Asia
06-Nov2015Seafood for tomorrowChina Daily USA
06-Nov2015South China Sea fish stocks threatenedBBC News
04-Nov2015Study warns some South China Sea species "close to extinction"Undercurrent News
03-Nov2015Some South China Sea fish close to extinction. Manila Times
03-Nov2015South China Sea dispute: fish are on brink of extinction due to conflict experts sayInternational Business Times
26-Oct2015Ocean scientists call on Liberals to restore Fisheries Act, unmuzzle researchers.CBC
25-Oct2015Coastal community component of ocean research gets underway in Port MoutonNova News Now
18-Oct2015The race to fish: how fishing subsidies are emptying our oceans.The Conversation
16-Oct2015Les océans mis à mal durant l'ère Harper, selon des scientifiques.Radio-Canada
16-Oct2015Canada's ocean policy rapped.The Chronicle Herald
06-Jun2015Making movies that make a differenceCanstar Community News
28-Aug2015Ocean blob brings tropical fish to B.C. coast.CBC
25-Aug2015Canada absent on climate change.Vancouver Sun
12-Aug2015Temporary ban on fishing reflects how fragile Arctic ecosystem isThe Conversation
07-Aug2015Port Mouton seagrass study to monitor underwater healthCBC
03-Aug2015Interview with Rashid Sumaila.CBC
14-Jul2015Ocean trout farms in Port Mouton gets controversial lease renewal. CBC.CBC
07-Jul2015Fish will have to find new habitats or perish if global warming is left uncheckedUBC Public Affairs
06-Jul2015B.C. seafood prices projected to increaseVancouver Sun
18-Jun2015JBeaufort Sea's fish population at risk due to acidificationCBC
12-Jun2015Migrating whales bring touristsNPR
08-Jun2015Sold out crowds for David Suzuki on coastal tourNational Observer
05-Jun2015David Suzuki wows crowd in ComoxComox Valley Record
02-Jun2015On World Oceans Day let's learn to treat the seas betterGeorgia Strait
27-May2015David Suzuki bringing coastal tour to Prince RupertNorthern View
23-May2015Filmmakers tackle environmental apocalypse two very different waysWinnipeg Free Press
11-May2015David Suzuki to visit ComoxComox Valley Record
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